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In L.I.F.E, we recognize the struggle that the public faces when attempting to make financial decisions. Our clients tends to focus more on the present rather than the future because of their fast paced lives.

We seek to rectify this issue by providing our customers with the tools necessary to make educated financial decisions regarding their retirement plan. Through our efforts we will work to create an environment where the public can have certainty over their future in an unpredictable world.

Save now. start early



Our company, Lucid Investment Financial Enterprise (L.I.F.E.), is a professional services firm that offers various financial literacy products along with our 401(k) Plans and individual Retirement Accounts. L.I.F.E's mission is to bridge the gap between the financial world and those who wish to invest in their future. 


ILucid Investment Financial Enterprise is situated in the center of New York's hectic Financial District. Visit us at 100 Trinity Place, Suite 504 New York, NY 10006, just a few blocks off Wall Street.


L.I.F.E is proud to offer financial literacy products to cultivate a business acumen. Not understanding the financial world can yield significant monetary loss. Thus, with our products, you can learn how to save with minimal effort and maximum rewards. Perhaps, you would also want to open a retirement account with us!


For 20+ years, we have served our customers by maximizing the return of all our customers. We have learned to be a reliable and transparent company. We would love to hear from you on what we can do to evolve and seal the deal on your comfortable retirement. 

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212.285.2119   |

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100 Trinity Place

New York City, NY 10006


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100 Trinity Place, New York City, NY 10006  |   212.285.2119

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